This blog is about the travels of sailing vessel, Henrietta and her skipper, Michael.

They sailed an Atlantic Circuit in 2015/16. Then around the world from 2016 to 2021.

Together they’ve covered about 55,000 miles and are not sure where they’ll go next. (They never were.)

Here’s Henrietta right at the start in Totnes, Devon, England in 2015, all polished, renamed and with smart new black antifouling on her bottom. (No-one wants barnacles or weed on their bottom).


Enter a caption

…and here under sail in the Atlantic

henrietta5 (2)




7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dear Henrietta

    Well I have never written a love letter before – well not to a woman anyway – so feel a little embarrassed to say that I think that you are just gorgeous. You have the lines that all women crave and in all the right proportions, it is such a shame that you are not a human – oh and male! Keep looking after M and B as I am sure that they look after and care for you too. Please do not worry that you get barnacles on your bottom as you age it will get worse and you will suffer from more than barnacles and that won’t be the only problem – oh God I could go on and on but you have work to do and a role to play in keeping your lovely inhabitants safe and sound.

    Talk to you soon Henrietta and take care.


  2. Happy Christmas uncle Michael! Just tracked you and see you are completely in the middle of the ocean! Keep safe and look forward to the next update! Lizzie xxxx


  3. Hello Michael. Just met up with your smashing boys over weekend. It’s been too long since last seeing them. They told me about your adventure……I’m now following you. Keep safe and happy,love from jill and martyn hayward


  4. Hello Michael and Henrietta. We have an inkling about your trip as we have just returned from Fiji and Vanuatu where we joined my stepson and his wife on their boat. I think I mentioned we were going to join them in Granada just before Christmas. Well 11,000 miles later we joined them again and did the passage from Fiji to Tanna, Vanuatu. We were lucky enough to snorkel in beautiful warm water and see colourful fish and diverse corals. Pete and I are about to go and spend a few days on Nanuk but the weather here is cold – a mere 8 deg or so – and the wind forecast is pathetic! Our daughter and fiancé spent 3 months with Pandora from Panama to the Tuomotus, via Galapagos and Marquesas and have wonderful memories. I will continue to enjoy following your travels. When we were away lots of boats were headed for NZ. Enjoy your time there. I can’t remember if you said you’d been there before. If not it’s beautiful. Safe sailing! Carla


  5. Mike and Henrietta. As always we are in awe of where you are going and what you are getting upto. What an amazing chance to see the world and meet interesting people. We both send you lots of love stay safe. We are this year motorbiking to Spain. Let us know if you have another trip home to Topsham. Will be good to catch up again. I have given your name to two young chaps Alex and Mike who are sailing round England on Tinkerbell!


  6. Hi Mike long time no see. Remember us – Richard used to share your lovely house in Kelmscott Road in about 1983-84! We hear of you from Margie from time to time. Your adventure sounds fantastic, let us know if you need a crew, we used to do a lot of sailing but much smaller stuff. Best wishes Richard and Anne Saunders x


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