P1000945 Well reefed on early cross-Channel trip

This site tries to keep you more-or-less up-to-date with what is happening on Henrietta, as we sail around on our little adventure.

The blog posts are usually updated every month or so, if there’s accessible wi-fi.

You can normally see roughly where we are and where we were if you click click here

2 thoughts on “Site”

  1. Hi … Ken Fagan / Windsong here Mr Putu informs me he is rafting you next to me in Batavia Marina ⛵ look forward to seeing you … If you need any information on the area feel free to ask , I have been here since early March now , got down here from Batam when things got messy … Ken

    Ps … Windsong is a Najad 490 ?


    1. I’ve not yet been offered a place by Putu. Still sending him paperwork!
      But hopefully we’ll get to Batavia marina in about 10 days. Short stay I hope…just need to pick up a new windlass. A Najad 490? Henrietta definitely your tiny sister (391)!


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