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  1. Hi Michael, hope all well w you in S.Africa, this is Marta. Am still in SanFran, hoping to catch a ride down to Mexico w a sailboat


  2. Well done Michael!! .what a fantastic trip with all its ups and downs, I think you are amazing to start the adventure but you’re right I think, trying something you think/know you love, has got to be worthwhile. We do not all have that courage! I agree with one of your friends you are a very good writer and there is definitely a book in there xxx Sara


  3. Hi Mike, you have done really well. Im really impressed with your sailing life. Misty is still jealous thinking it could have been her on this adventure with you ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Thank you, Phil. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to spend a while at sea.
      I hope Misty is behaving well. I loved that boat but think at my age itโ€™s good to have a heavier boat for the oceans.


  4. Great to have you safe in UK waters Michael. I have fond memories of Maggerty Bank, Upper Fal, and Crawsand Bay. Now for your time ashore? – that might take a bit of adjusting. An inspirational cruise my friend. Congratulations. Peter.


  5. Hi Michael, As a newbie to sailing and having just purchased a Hunter Legend 41 which in many respects has similarities to your boat, I have found your posts a fantastic read and given me a good insight into sailing life. I particularly enjoyed singlehanded sailing. I often wondered how Tony Carter managed but at the same time envied the life he was having. That said, I don’t think my wife would want me to sail off on my own, and to be honest, I feel lucky that she wants to share the experience with me. Although I am retired, it will probably be a few more years before my wife “France” throws in the towel and can join me on a long-distance voyage but at least that gives me time to become a more competent sailer before taking on anything too challenging.


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