P1000945 Well reefed on early cross-Channel trip

This site tries to keep you more-or-less up-to-date with what is happening on Henrietta, as we sail around on our little adventure.

The blog posts are usually updated every month or so, if there’s accessible wi-fi.

You can normally see roughly where we are and where we were if you click click here

4 thoughts on “Site”

  1. Hi … Ken Fagan / Windsong here Mr Putu informs me he is rafting you next to me in Batavia Marina ⛵ look forward to seeing you … If you need any information on the area feel free to ask , I have been here since early March now , got down here from Batam when things got messy … Ken

    Ps … Windsong is a Najad 490 ?


    1. I’ve not yet been offered a place by Putu. Still sending him paperwork!
      But hopefully we’ll get to Batavia marina in about 10 days. Short stay I hope…just need to pick up a new windlass. A Najad 490? Henrietta definitely your tiny sister (391)!


  2. I note your comments on St Helena. However, to see what you missed look at
    Embraer 190 Taming the winds.
    This airport 1000 feet above sea level and took us 4 years to build, once a road had been cut up the cliff face. No ship had ever touched St Helena and got off, all were wrecked. That was till 2012 when we made a beach-head in Ruperts Bay and then over the next 3.5 years delivered 90,000 tonnes of construction materials, fuel, and heavy plant via a specially adapted ocean going landing craft from Namibia to build the airport. We also built a 110 metre long quay as well so ships can now berth alongside.
    You all take it for granted that if you need hospitalisation you get treatment almost immediately, the “Saints” had to wait untill 2018 for up to five weeks when the RMS St Helena came round again for medical evacuation. There are now regular flights from RSA, and UK, and medical evacuations, and with the right aircraft the airport is far from useless. I for one am very proud to have been part of the team that delivered the project.


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