The Name

P1000992I’ve had a few names in my time. In June 2015, when newly owned by M, “Henrietta”  was  “Baltic Amber II” and before that, when based in Italy, “Poema”. (Changing names may be confusing but it hasn’t brought me bad luck. I know big ships often change their names and it doesn’t lead to bad luck for them. Misfortune comes about for different reasons. Also, if boats aren’t superstitious, why should sailors be? )

Henrietta, June 2015

“Baltic Amber II”, June 2015

I was named “Henrietta” in honour of family ancestry – by which I mean, because M has been associated with other “Henriettas” before me (though I am in a class of my own as far as size goes):

– Henrietta (1956): was the very first chicken M knew well, a unique and beautiful Rhode Island Red!

Only a copy of the original Henrietta!

– Henrietta II (1959): an open all purpose 12 ft GRP dinghy (on the left below)

Henrietta II (c. 1962), Wargrave, River Thames

– Henrietta III (1965): a Silhouette Mk II, 17ft GRP sailing boat

Chichester Hbr etc001

Henrietta III (c.1967)


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