Ashore for a spell

For four weeks from early July, I, Henrietta, sat ashore in Baltic Wharf Boatyard, a neighbourly and pleasant place on the edge of Totnes in Devon, with some expert boat people for wood work, engine work and other work. I have been prepared for a long time away. M went to his non-boat home (it’s made of brick and immobile) to tidy up and let it out for tenants. (His new home is aboard me and, as you know, I’m very mobile and made of GRP)

A lot happened during these weeks ashore. I officially became Henrietta, with new documents, new labels and new bits. My decks were cleaned and tidied. A layer or two of polish and lots of smart anti-fouling were applied. Engine serviced, electrical bits, a new solar panel, more handholds…….. You may not be interested in these details but they mean a lot to me, and boat owners know how long and pricey these lists can be!

Finally, I’ve been loaded with a mass of spare parts, tools, even more charts and books and clothes for M, and food and drink and……It makes a boat feel overweight…. though my figure is as fabulous as ever.

We know people who spend years getting ready for sailing adventures like ours, but skipper is a bit impatient, and he hasn’t spent much time pondering the details of what he plans to put me through. (Men can be like that). Anyway, we’re going to leave soon, and just see how we get on. If it doesn’t work out, we think we may be home for Christmas.

Ready for re-launch

Learning how it all works

From the launch in Plymouth in early June, there was a busy month with lots to learn. Rather than too much detail, I’ll post a few photos. We sailed to the Scilly Isles and up to the Solent, and across the Channel twice. Then we went up the River Dart to Totnes, and out of the water. Skipper and boat are getting to know one another.

Plymouth, before the sails are even on
Gentle sail to the Scilly Isles
Anchored off St Agnes, Scilly (all a bit busy in summer sun)
Anchored off Swanage
Brisk breeze to sail out of Alderney


Trying out Hydrovane – hands-free steering

The unreliable journal of a sailing voyage